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Help Children with Cancer and Win a Videogame!
Hey folks, I've started a giveaway in which I am raffling off a copy of The Stanley Parable to people who donate to The Children's Tumor Foundation. Please read the post for more info and donate to a good cause.
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LoveGame Chapter 11 Tony X Reader
Chapter 11
When Tony's number came up on your cell phone you almost didn't answer it. Against all logic and common sense you picked up. "Hello?"
"(name)!" Tony said. "I need you to come down to the Stark warehouses ASAP. I have a surprise for you."
"Tony," You rubbed your temples. "I don't have time for this. I don't like surprises, and I don't even know where the Stark Warehouses are."
"Don't worry your driver does. He should be there any second."
"Tony, I"
"Don't worry, I promise you'll like this surprise." There was a pause. "Please (name), just get in the car." It was eerie hearing him be sincere, sincerely asking for something, saying please.
What could you do when he said it like that? "Alright, just this once."
"Thank you, you won't be disappointed." Tony clicked off the line. You got up and looked out your little apartment window. Sure enough a sleek black car pulled out front and beeped it's horn once. You strapped on your heels and headed off down the stairs.
When you entered
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LoveGame Chapter 10 Tony X Reader
Chapter 10
Perhaps it wasn't wise to quit on Tony Stark, the money was great, the experiences were amazing, and all over it was a great gig. But Tony. He just, he was messing with your heart. It hurt too much to think about.
Another thing that was too much to think about, your college debts. You had tried to get another job to cover them, but in this economy, no one was hiring. The debt was crushing you, and you longed for the financial security of working for Tony Stark.
You sat on your bed in your dingy Manhattan apartment. Bills were piled at your feet, a rejection email open on your computer. No money, no job, no options.  
You got up and put on your best coat and set out to The Daily Bugle. As you walked through the lobby people skidded out of the way. No one wanted to touch the toxic mass that was you. You strode up to the receptionist. "Hello."
She looked up at you over horn-rimmed glasses. "Yes." She might as well have said 'I don't give a shit about you or your problems.
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LoveGame Chapter 9 Tony X Reader
Chapter 9
You arrived early the next morning, you knew there'd be a woman to kick out. There always was when Tony got irritated. You had expected a woman, but you did not expect the woman you saw sneaking out of Tony's room. "Jaclyn?"
Jaclyn turned with a start. She was surprised at first but soon her surprise gave way to condescension. "(name)? What are you some sort of coffee maid now? Is it your job to kick the women out in the morning? How cute. No news station would take you and now you do grunt work for Tony Stark. It's probably because you're so hideous, I bet Tony hasn't even made a pass at you yet, and he would make a pass at a toaster if it moved."
You were about to yell out that yes he had, as a matter of fact you had been out on a proper date, but that's exactly what she wanted, an underhanded scandal scoop. "I guess so." You said. "Now, get out of here Jaclyn. I have a job to do, and a big part of it is kicking the scanks like you out in the morning. So shoo."
"I was on my
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LoveGame Chapter 8 Tony X Reader
Chapter 8
"So, darling," Tony swiveled in his work chair. "I was thinking we should have another little date tonight, something low key. I was thinking a party with just us and a couple hundred of our closest friends."
"Yes dear."
"Last night, our date, it was a one time deal, okay? A fluke." You looked for words but gave up.
"Come on, sweet thing," Tony smiled. "No need to play hard to get."
"I'm not playing, Tony. I don't want to be just another girl."
Tony scowled. "I said you weren't."
"Just like you say to all the other girls!"
"But you're not like the other girls!"
"I'm sorry, Tony. I don't believe you."
"Take the rest of the day off."
"Take the rest of the day off." Tony swiveled back to his work. "You'r irritating me. Leave."
"Yes sir."
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LoveGame Chapter 7 Tony X Reader
Chapter 7
You stood in the elevator to Tony's flat in a nice dress and high heels blushing up a storm. You were going on a date with Tony Stark. The Tony Stark. You didn't even have to step out of the elevator.
"Ready to go, good." Tony got in the elevator with you and pushed the down button.
"Can I ask where we're going?"
"You could ask." Tony smirked at you. "But that doesn't mean I'll tell you."
"So it's pointless."
"Pretty much."
Tony lead you through his personal garage until he decided upon a sleek black Ferrari convertible. You got in the passenger seat and accepted your fate. He zoomed off into the city streets.
He started to blast "Back in Black" as you pulled up to the restaurant. "It's my song." He said. "What's the point of going anywhere if you don't make an entrance?"
You didn't bother to argue.
He threw his keys to the valet and opened the door for you with a flourish. "My lady." You stepped out giggling like a madman. Tony winked at you and lead you inside.  
The s
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LoveGame Chapter 6 Tony X Reader
Chapter 6
"Have you taken even one day off since you started working for me?" Tony swiveled around in his workshop chair to look at you.
"No. Why?"
"What about your boyfriend? He must be jealous you're hanging around with a beautiful man all day and paying no attention to him."
"I'm sure he would be if he wasn't fictional."
A devious smile spread across Tony's face. "So what you're saying is you're single."
"Well, yes."
"Perfect. You have the rest of the day off. Get dressed up. I'll see you tonight at eight for our date." Tony swiveled back to his work. "Go on. Shoo."
You stormed around to the other side of his workbench. "You can't just demand I go on a date with you!"
Tony raised an eyebrow. "Are you saying you don't want to go out with me?"
"Well, I..." The words got caught in your throat. You had to admit to yourself, you did want to go out with him but, "It would violate employer employee uh, standards."
"But I'm not asking you as your boss, I'm asking you as Tony Stark, genus bi
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LoveGame Chapter 5 Tony X Reader
Chapter 5
It took a few months, but soon you were good at your job. Very good at your job.
Tony wandered out of his room bleary eyed. "(Name)?"
"One double caramel macchiato, and last night's bunny is gone." You passed him his drink as you walked by.
"I don't wanna—"
"I've already canceled your three o'clock and told the press you were too sick to go to your new tech demo today."
"It's a bit too early; I'll give you your first beer at lunch, strong drinks later."
"When's lunch?"
You checked your watch. "Half an hour."
"Good, good." Tony slunk off to the couch sipping his drink. "(name) I'm" You threw a blanket around his shoulders. "cold…" Tony turned around to face you. He looked you up and down suspiciously.
"Something wrong, Tony?"
"When did you get so good at this?"
"When you weren't looking."
"Clearly." Tony gave you the once over again. "I think I'll have to change your nickname."
"Yeah, you've removed that microphone from your ass, let your hair down, started dr
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LoveGame Chapter 4 Tony X Reader
Chapter 4
You stood outside Stark Tower at five forty five the next morning. The doors were locked so you pressed a button next to the door nervously.
"State your name and business." A mechanical voice said.
"(name), and I'm here to apply for the part of assistant?"
"I'm sorry. You do not seem to be on the schedule. Goodbye." The voice responded with a definitive click. You were about to turn and go when you had an idea. You pressed the button again. "State your name and business."
"(name) Could-be-an-Eight, Tony said he wanted to try me out for the day."
The other end was silent for a moment then the door clicked open. "Please come in Miss Could-be-an-Eight, Tony is in his room, but he does not generally rise until ten so I would not advise waking him."
"Alright thank you, um?"
"JARVIS." The machine voice answered.
"JARVIS. Thank you. Uh, where am I supposed to be going?"
"The majority of the living quarters are on the top two floors. I would suggest waiting in the living room on the
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LoveGame Chapter 3 Tony X Reader
Chapter 3
The next day you sat at your desk, spinning in frustration. You hadn't been given a serious opportunity in forever. A stupid gossip ball. And nothing since. You didn't go to journalism school for this.
"Everyone gather around!" Jameson yelled. Everyone stood and waited for the bomb to drop. "I am happy to announce that Jaclyn is going to be our new full time election correspondent." He wrapped an arm around her. She giggled and smiled.
You have to be kidding me. There was no way you were going to put up with Jaclyn being promoted over you. That was your position.
No. You told yourself. Just grin and bear it. Your time will come.
"Congratulations Jaclyn." You said holding out your hand for her to shake.
She looked at you incredulously. "Uk. Why don't you go get me a coffee. I'm a busy lead correspondent now; I can't go get my own."
You were dumb struck. "What?"
"You heard me. Get my coffee."
"That's not my job."
"(name)!" Jameson hollered. "Stop being obstinate and go get Jacl
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LoveGame Chapter 2 Tony X Reader
Chapter 2
Despite Tony's best efforts, you went home that night alone. You threw off your shoes and flopped into bed. Stupid editor wanted you to do the stupid gossip column with stupid Tony Stark. Ugh! You rolled over and went to sleep. Maybe you would get a good scoop tomorrow.
You woke in your now incredibly wrinkly dress. Yuck. Great.
You rolled out of bed and got in a clean new suit. Time to try again.
You bumped into Peter Parker on your way in.
"Sorry, Peter!"
He nodded and rushed off. Poor kid.
"(name)!" Jameson yelled as you sat at your cubicle. "Get in here!" You got up and marched to your doom. "What is the matter with you! I send you to a big event, primo for scoops, and you come back with nothing! Not a damn thing!"
"Yes sir."
"Do you know how much that cost us!"
"No sir."
Jaclyn Bender walked in that moment with a pile of papers. "These are the transcripts of my interview with Thor. Such a coincidink just running into him like that." She leaned over Jameson's desk her shi
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LoveGame Chapter 1 Tony X Reader
Chapter 1
You stood in the Gala ball anxiously sipping your drink. You had your camera man with you, but let's face it, he wasn't much comfort. He just stood there watching all the women in their low cut dresses walking by. You felt uncomfortable in what you were assured was a highly fashionable evening gown. You just felt like your breasts would fall out any minute. You needed someone you could interview, anyone you could interview and then you could get out of there.
And then you saw him walk in, surrounded by playboy bunnies in tight dresses, smirking casually at anyone who looked his way.
The perfect scoop.
"Mister Stark!" You rushed over to him, camera man trailing behind you.
"Don't call me Mister Stark, that's my father's name. I'm Tony, gorgeous." The playboy slid his sunglasses down low enough so that you could see him wink at you before pushing them back up quietly.
"Tony, do you have anything to say on the topic of the ethics of keeping the Iron-Man technology to yourself?"
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Maid or Master chapter 79 : Loki X Reader fanfic
Chapter 79
Loki stood under the great gold arch erected for this occasion. Guests filled the garden chairs and stared at him. Loki fiddled with his tux, when were you coming out? Thor gave Loki's shoulder a gentle squeeze. The scene was set, Odin stood in the middle waiting to marry his Jotun son to a Midgardian woman, Loki stood  on the right, an anxious groom waiting for his bride, and Thor stood beside him the happy and excited best man.
Then the music began, a slow traditional Asgardian marriage number.
First came out your best friend and only bridesmaid. She took her place on the left. Then everyone stood to face you. Loki's breath caught in his chest.
You walked down the isle on your father's arm. You looked ravishing in a beautiful ballgown of white gold made special by Sindri. The gown had beautiful real gold piping that looped and swirled like a climbing vine. It glistened in the light and emphasized your natural beauty. Loki's necklace hung around your neck and his
:iconsanhime158:Sanhime158 213 220
Maid or Master chapter 78 : Loki X Reader fanfic
Chapter 78
When you got back to Asgard there was an obscene amount of work to do. Dresses, flowers, guests, getting the earth guests to Asgard, bridal party, cerimony. It kept you so busy you were barely in Loki's chambers anymore.
Loki summoned Thor. "Brother. I have a favor to ask of you."
"On Midgard they have a tradition called the best man. It is a friend of the grooms who stands beside him on his weding day, holds the rings and gives the toast."
"I was wondering if you would be my best man."
"Brother." Thor smiled. "Of course I will be your best man! It will be marvelous! But why me?"
"Who else would I choose? I have no friends or allies -- except for you."
"You concider me a friend?"
"Sometimes." Loki shuffled his feet.
"You should concder me a friend all the time. I am your friend. I just did not know that you knew that even partially." Thor put his hands on his brother's shoulders. "Never doubt that I love you."
"I will remember that."
"Good. Remember it well." T
:iconsanhime158:Sanhime158 138 58
Maid or Master chapter 77 : Loki X Reader fanfic
Chapter 77
"Excuse me!" You stood with Loki at the front of the room. "May I have everyone's attention?" Slowly but surely the Avengers' attention turned to you. When you were sure everyone was looking you held up the hand with the ring on it and said. "We're getting married!"
The room applauded, some more enthusiastically than others.
"Congratulations!" Cap yelled.
"I guess this is a wedding party now." Tony said. "Jarvis! Decorations!"
"Yes sir." Jarvis' robotic voice answered. The room was suddenly decked out with balloons and banners that said 'Congratulations Loki and (name)!'
Tony smirked. "Drinks all around! A toast, to a match made in Stokholm!"
"A toast to 'Shut up Tony'!" You said before everyone drank. There was laughter and a smattering of applause even a few here here's.
"I can drink to that!" Cap downed his drink.
"Why don't you make me?" Tony elbowed Cap.
"I might just."
You went about shaking hands with or hugging everyone in the room, accepting congradulations everywhe
:iconsanhime158:Sanhime158 137 63
Maid or Master chapter 76 : Loki X Reader fanfic
Chapter 76
The Avengers wandered around the main room of Avengers tower, chatting drinks in hand. Loki leaned against the wall beside you, fiddling with the ring hin his pocket, waiting for it to get dark.
When he could see a few stars over the city lights he went to Thor and whispered "Make sure no one talks to 'us' while we're away."
Thor smiled and nodded. "Good luck, brother."
"Thanks." Loki slipped back over to you. "Come with me, we have something to discuss." Loki took your arm and pulled you away to the stairs, throwing a projection of the two of you behind him as he went.
You followed him up the stairs. "What's wrong, Loki?"
"Nothing." He led you to the roof. He wrapped an arm around your waist and watched the planes fly by.
"What's going on?" You were worried about him, he was acting strange.
"(name)," He kissed your cheek. "I have something to ask you." Loki took your hand and went down on one knee.
Your free hand flew to your mouth.
"(name), my beautiful (name). I am not th
:iconsanhime158:Sanhime158 150 128


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Hey folks, I've started a giveaway in which I am raffling off a copy of The Stanley Parable to people who donate to The Children's Tumor Foundation. Please read the post for more info and donate to a good cause.…

1. You have to post these rules
2. Answer the question that the tagger gave you then create ten new questions for the next people you tag.
3.  You must tag ten people and post their icons on your journal. No
4. Go to your next victims pages and tell them that you just tagged them. Nope
5. You can not tag the person who tagged you.
6. No weird things in the tagging section about "You are tagged if you are reading this." Just personally go out and tag ten people Nuhuh

1. If you could only kiss one more person before you died, who would it be? 
Tom Hiddleston
2. Do you prefer French fries or the burger?
3. Stephan King or Edgar Allan Poe
I should say Stephan King because he's from Maine same as my family, but I've never actually finished one of his books (they make me paranoid) so Poe.
4. Favorite vehicle.
Right now I'm kinda feeling the Segway
5. If you could be any creature, who would it be?
I used to say a lion but the Lannister's stole that joy from me so now I'd have to be a cat
6. Biggest pet peeve?
Shit, I don't know, I have a lot of them. I guess when people act all mysterious so that you worry about them but then it's really like "oh why was I upset? My sandwich had mayo today and I hate mayo"
7. What was your favorite game as a child?
Sims 2
8. If you have siblings, do you wish you didn't. If you don't have siblings, do you wish you did.
I'm an only and I'm really happy I am because I get spoiled
9. If there was only one more movie that you could see before you died, what would it be.
The Avengers 2
10. Do you prefer the book or the movie version?
Most of the time it's the book, but I have had strange cases where I liked the movie better.

My questions:

1) What is your favorite fandom?
I have to pick one? That's not right. I guess I'll go with Marvel since it was my first and is my forever.
2) Where do want to live if you aren't living there now?
So I have to pick somewhere other than Boston? Uhh Tallinn Estonia 
3) What is your favorite genre of movies?
Comic Book
4) Do you like anime?
Yep, that is what originally brought me here
5) What would you do if your fandom was canceled?
Fandoms never die, just look at the Harry Potter fandom. Yeah some of my shows and stuff might end, but there's always another.
6) Who was your childhood hero?
Harry Potter I guess?
7) If you could go into space would you take the opportunity?
I guess. I mean it's not like OMG MUST GO TO SPACE SPAAAAAACE but it the oppertunity presented itself yeah.
8) What do you love to do most?
Nothing. My favorite hobby is doing nothing.
9) Apple or Windows
I'm a PC
10) Are you afraid to fly?
No. I do it a lot actually.


Emma (But you can call me Princess~)
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I'm a young fanfic author and hopefully some day a writer. I don't think I am particularly interesting online, so I'll just skip to the fandoms list and contact info.

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Hello, I just wanna start by saying that I literally love your fanfics, my personal fave is the 'Maid Or Master'
But I have read others :3 I personally think that your amazing and should continue doing fanfics cause your amazing at them
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Happy birthday!
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Happy birthday!
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Hey I wanted to ask where's chapter 27 for Maid or Master (Loki x Reader ) I never got a chance to read it??
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I aspire to write like you one day. :rose:
wolfbecca Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I like you. I like your stories, I like the things you like, and frankly, I like your attitude. I can only hope to see Hetalia fanfics from you as I now watch you!
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#Sanhime - san, I've fallen in love with both of your fanfics -
1.) #Maid or Master - LokiXReader.
2.) #LoveGame - Tony X Reader.
I hope you're soon gonna update chapter 12 of LoveGame and I really loved Maid or Master that I read it complete in 5 hours only! I hope you will continue it and keep me as well as others enchanted. You know, whenever I fell bored I tend to come to your profile page only to see when you're gonna give an update or upload a new chapter.At last, I wanna say that you're an enchantress!! A real one, who's funny, loved by everyone, and lucky. I wished that if only I was like you.........
scrougeofares Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014
Happy early birthday!
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