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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)

Another day, another boring ball. You sipped your cocktail and rubbed elbows with the finest. You had been dragged there by your best friend in her quest to meet an upper class man, as you had been so many times before. Who knew tonight would be so different?

You spotted him coming down the stairs, the most gorgeous thing you had ever seen. His long black hair was slicked back so nicely, his elegant suit hugged his body, his emerald green eyes sparkled with mischief. You stopped and stared. He was beautiful, an Adonis, a god among men.

His eye caught yours for a faction of a second and he smiled a knowing and naughty smile. Your breath caught in your chest. But then he looked away, it was over.

He flipped his cane with ease and smacked a nearby man in the face. The gasps of horror spread through the crowd, but the spectical had only just begun. He grabbed another man and flipped him onto an alter. You were frozen, unable to breath as he took out some sort of whirling device. He jammed it into the man's eye and looked about triumphantly, reveling in the chaos and fear he caused. His eye caught yours for a second time and he smiled wider, it was the predatory smile of a jaguar stumbling upon a wounded gazelle. You couldn't move, you were lost in his eyes and his pearly white teeth. He licked his lips and looked as though he was about to come towards you as your friend grabbed your hand and pulled you away.

"Come on, (name)! We have to get out of here!"

You stumbled away with her looking over your shoulder to see his suit turn into an ornate and somehow even tighter war outfit. You rushed down the stairs with him following at a leisurely pace. He was in control and perfectly happy with it.

"Kneel before me." The people kept running. He slammed his scepter on the ground and was suddenly everywhere at once. "I said KNEEL!"

People fell to their kneels around you. But you froze, a deer in the headlights.This was completely the wrong time to notice, but by the gods he was hot.

"Is this not simpler?" His silky smooth voice cooed and effortlessly enchanted you. "Is this not your natural state?" His eyes caught yours and he stopped. "What is this? You still stand?" He waded through the sea of people until he stood just centimeters away from you. He ran a finger under your chin, tilting your head up to face him. "Look at you, you mewling quim. Your eyes are filled with awe and lust."

You gasped.

"What is this?" He tilted his head and smiled his predatory grin again. "Fear? Tell me darling, are you afraid because I know, or are you afraid because you just figured it out? Look at this." He ran his free hand along your side. "You're getting hot for me already."

You tried to speak but only some sort of strange mewing sound came out.

"Hm." He chuckled to him self as he put both hands on your shoulders and slammed you to your knees. You looked up at him eyes wide. "Look at you, from this angle you look almost attractive." He bent down and whispered in your ear "You know, I could take you right now, just like this, take you until my cum dripped down your chin and onto that pretty little chest of yours. And then I'd take you again, and again, until I've had my fill, and believe me, that can take quite a while. You'd like that wouldn't you darling?" His fingers traced your lips. They were so impossibly soft and smooth, and in that moment you realized just how much you wanted him.

You tried to say something. To tell him you would like that. To tell him you wanted him, but no sound came out.

"Your eyes speak volumes." He purred. "So dirty." He straightened up and looked around as if suddenly bored with the crowd gathered around him. "This scene has lost it's appeal, and time is short. Come, human." He pulled you up by the arm. "We best be gone before the Avengers arrive."

You found yourself underground somewhere, in a dingy bedroom. The door clicked locked. You turned to see Loki, his back against the only door, his eyes glinting with predatory instinct. "You can't escape my dear." He grabbed your hips and pulled them against his. "Not that you want to." He lolled himself against you lazily. "Come on, bitch, pleasure me."

You squeaked and fell to your knees.

Loki laughed. "Who says humans don't crave subjugation? Clearly this one does!" You fumbled with his pants until they fell to the ground and he stepped out of them. "Go ahead, mortal, suck."

You wrapped you lips around his erection earning you a pleased gasp from Loki. He slid his fingers through your hair, gently at first, but then he grabbed fistfuls of your hair. You squeaked and he thrust deep into your throat. You gagged and whimpered around him.

"What is this? Is it already too much for you?" Loki pursed his lips. "It seems I have forgotten how delicate these mortals are. Fine," He released your hair. "pleasure me at your own pace, but be warned, if I find it unsatisfactory I will take you as roughly as I please. And you may not live through that."

You took him as deeply as you could; you bobbed your head as fast as you could. As promised, he did not thrust into you again.

He moaned and put his hands back on your head. "Yes, mmm, keep going." You ran your tongue along his tip as you bobbed. "Oh. Such a good little mortal." He held your head to him as he twitched and came in your mouth. You swallowed as much as you could but some still managed to escape your lips. You removed yourself from his cock, stood and licked your lips clean.

"That was better than expected. I think you deserve a reward for that." Loki pushed you onto the bed and spread your legs. "I will take you to the edge and back. I will make you scream for your king until your voice is hoarse. I will fill every inch of you with pleasure until you can remember nothing else." He thrust into you.

"Ahh! Oh my god." You moaned and held onto his back.

"That's right. I am your god. I am your king. I am the Lord Loki and you will not forget it. Now, call for your king. Beg for me."

"My king!" He thrust into you and you whimpered. "Oh, My king, please."

"Please what?" He grinned and bit your neck.

"Please, give me more. Fuck me more."

"As you wish my little whore." He fucked you harder, faster, getting into a strong rhythm. His hands danced over your body, pleasuring everywhere they touched. You moaned and whimpered for him, your back arching into his touch. You dug your nails into his back, you were close to climax.

"Loki!" You screamed as you came around him.

"Shhh. I am almost ready." A few more thrusts and he came inside you. He breathed deeply for a few seconds, catching his breath. "I think another round is in order." He ran his finger around your breast.

There was a knock at the door.

"I am busy!" Loki yelled back.

"I'm sorry, sir. The tesaract is acting up. We need your assistance." Hawkeye insisted from the other side.

Loki clicked his tongue impatiently. "Fine. Give me a minute."

"Very good sir." Hawkeye's footsteps receded.

"I suppose the next round with have to wait my pet. But I will give you one last reward before I go." Loki pressed his lips to yours. He bit your lip and you opened your mouth to accept his tongue. He ran his tongue over your teeth, across the walls of your mouth and wrestled with your tongue. But all too soon he pulled himself off you. "I know how you have yearned for that." He got off the bed and redressed. "Now, you will stay in this room and wait for me, unclothed. From this moment on, you are my personal concubine. There will be no leaving, no escaping. This is your life now. You will be well cared for, and you will be mine, only mine. Got that, pet?"

"Yes, my lord."

"Good mortal." Loki smiled and locked the door behind him.
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Oh look, some smutty smutty lemons.

Because, Loki.
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me in the story....wod go like dis sanhime ca u rp loki???
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can you like make a story of it please??????? (with Loki winning of course) 
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